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Spiritual Soup Group Workshops can be scheduled as listed below. In our very interactive workshops, we cover all the material included in the downloadable workbooks, plus more. Imagine being able to ask - and have answered - any question that arises when presented with the valuable material included in the workbooks! Each Workshop lasts a minimum of 2 hours. Please contact me to schedule a workshop.

Below are our downloadable workbooks. Once you've provided the payment information, you will be given details on downloading the workbook.

Circle of One

Learn how stepping into your inner circle can heal relationship conflict from past, present and future encounters.  Learn how working within your sacred circle will provide you with intuitive reflection to be able to make strong choices for optimal life navigation.  Discover how to create your life vision from your personal sacred circle.  

  • Would you like to resolve any relationship conflict?
  • Would you like to receive insight into future opportunity?
  • How can you create future life adventures?

Contact Jilliana to obtain this workbook.

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Manifest Your Desires
What You’re Going to Discover

Do you believe you are living to your highest goals?  If the answer is no, then this program will help provide tools to help you accelerate your manifesting skills.  This program will help you identify creative adventures that could lead to life visions and future incomes.  Discover what magnetic amplifiers will promote success?  Learn what complicating factors can limit successful manifestation?   Learn what potentials await your creative natures and how best to implement your creative design.  

  • All transformation begins with a divine spark.
  • Dreams require vision and determination.
  • Learn to apply magic formulas.
  • Believe your goals can be attained. 

Contact Jilliana to order this workbook.

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Your Body Computer

For ages, we’ve been taught that everything that happens is predetermined.  While there is a certain element of truth to this statement it negates how powerfully wonderful our own creative intervention can be.  Mankind is becoming aware of the inner mechanisms that signal how we are responding to our outer world and allow us to initiate an alternate program to shift our experiences.  You don’t want to miss this powerful information.  In this material you will learn: 

  1. What really is creating the events in my life?
  2. How can I program this mechanism?
  3. How will I know how to interpret warning signals?
  4. Learn how to reprogram the energies that are restricting your optimal life experience.

Contact Jilliana to order this workbook.

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What's Toxic In Your Life? 

What daily interactions contribute to your life stress and ultimately disrupt your optimal living experience?  Discover why relationship interactions are compromised.  Understand why it is important to distance yourself from disruptive energies that compromise our energy systems.  Discover what resolutions will diminish relationship compromise and unlock your potential. Utilizing interactive exercises will help identify areas of imbalance within your life that may require action to generate positive change and promote stress free living. 

Contact Jilliana to order this workbook.