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Individual Sessions

Combining 20 years of research, training, intuition and creative insight provides the techniques utilized to help rekindle your passion for life. Whatever your goal — to release limiting blocks, find emotional balance, eliminate old energy templates, discover more of your hidden self — individual consultations help provide fresh perspective that leads to self-empowerment and a renewed creative life adventure.

No two sessions will ever be the same, as I utilize the guidance from spiritual resources as well as my training to help provide the necessary ingredients designed to fulfill client goals and personal transformation.

A typical consultation for a first-time client may take 60 minutes.  Follow-up sessions may only require 30 minutes or less.  Phone consultations are preferred but e-mail questions may be addressed.  The highest compliment I could ever receive is in knowing whatever wisdom has been shared has provided my clients with renewed energy, a commitment to change outdated habits and discover the awesome individual that lies within.